Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Musings without a muse

Being in show business has often made me afraid to be honest or to voice thoughts.  Thoughts are wonderful things, but when a livelihood depends on the "opinions" of others, the option of "comment" throughout various social settings or media platforms is this artist's nightmare.

At the request of a few acquaintances, friends, and listeners, I recently began this blog but find myself hesitant to write.  Hesitancy stemming from a fear that inevitably someone will "comment" on why my thoughts are flawed, leading to a monologue on why my life is flawed, leading to an oratory on why the world is flawed.  I am certain that many of my thoughts are flawed and will continue to be as I journey life but is not that part of the process of change? We begin thinking one way only to discover through experience that we may very well have a seemingly different viewpoint at the end of the voyage?

 And is not that the purpose of art?  The purpose of  showing a voyage or journey in such a way that the audience travels within the story, and perhaps, when art is ideal, the character, along with the audience are changed. This blog is simply my thoughts, often expressed through music, not as a mandate or correction to the world but simply my way of viewing the world on this part of my journey. Many will not be interested in my "thoughts" or art, but for those that are, I hope my mere musings will find a way to result in art's ultimate goal -- inspiration. 


Tim said...

Yes, write more so we can read about your life and journey!

Can't wait for your to write more, so do it!!


Anonymous said...

Amanda, you don't know me, but I know your mom and dad thru Bible Study and before that. My late daughter, Tammy, loved you when you were just a little curly headed Amanda. Also, you were the soloist at my niece, Connie Rickard,(and Phil)'s wedding.

I am looking forward to your bloggings. And, just know that, as you begin this fearful journey, I am praying for you to be as real as can be, and trust that your words will fall into the right places where inspiration and understanding are needed.

In God's eyes, you are a princess!

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