Friday, October 4, 2013

A day in Quebec City

I ended the month of September with a day of biking from Quebec City to Montmorency Falls.  The group I was with proved to be excellent company and in excellent shape.  The ride to the falls was beautiful..

Here I am at the "Lady in White Falls", and yes, those are rubber bands around my pant legs. I kept getting caught in the tire chain. 

 And a beautiful view of Montmorency Falls while riding the cable car up.  I cannot complain about my job.  Quebec City is one of my favorite Canadian cities to visit, and I look forward to a few more visits there before we head for the Caribbean.

Another aspect of my job that I enjoy is the dining.  Here I am eating with Vince, my former cast member and now current boss, and a new friend from the ship.  The food was amazing, and we had dinner under the stars while floating on the ocean.  It was a bit cold that night so blankets were provided, but the company, conversation, and cuisine were all divine.

Yes, this is my boss :)  He takes himself very seriously. LOL!  

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