Friday, September 27, 2013

Crossing the Pond

 It has been a busy two weeks aboard the Silversea Whisper. The bulk of my time has been invested in  learning new shows, meeting new people, and enjoying new ports. What a blessing to have such a job. While in Iceland, our cast took a trip to the Blue Lagoon. The temperature was freezing outside, but the water temperature was warm and relaxing.  Mud masks were also part of the day. (My co-workers and I enjoying the masks.)

One of my favorite views thus far was crossing the Prince Christian Sound on the route to Greenland.  It was gorgeous, and I was amazed by the ice burgs coming out of the ocean. As  you can tell by the photo, I was freezing, but the view of the iceburg was worth it!

We only had a few hours in Dublin, Ireland, so my cast and I had Irish coffees.   I then visited Dublin Castle.  The few hours I was in Ireland was enough to let me know it is a destination to put on my "future travel" list.  

And, of course, I am enjoying the "my job" immensely.  

I am now back in North America and am enjoying Quebec City today so updates should be more regular.  

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