Friday, November 8, 2013

Last Days in USA

I spent my last few days in the USA taking tours.  Bar Harbor, Maine, was one of the final stops, and I am so glad the US government decided to reopen because we were able to visit Acadia National Park.  The walking tour was beautiful. Here are a few photos; although, they do not accurately depict the park's beauty -- breathtaking. 

I could have stayed at this spot all day and just soaked in the beauty and the sun!

We visited Boston on a Sunday, and luckily, it was football day so a few of my Boston friends invited me to the Patriots vs. Dolphins game.  While I have no clue what is going on in football, I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the excitement of the game.  My roommate is a Florida girl, and there was an extra ticket for her so she gave me a play-by-play commentary on the game.  

Tailgating before the game with my Boston friends.  What a great group of guys! 

 Brittany and I enjoying our seats and the game.

Martha's Vineyard was our last stop before heading to the Caribbean.  I was so excited to visit because I have read so much about it that I wanted to see it for myself.  I was not disappointed with the views.  Spectacular. 

And I leave you with this quote from a deli at Martha's Vineyard.  I can't think of a better blessing to wish on all my friends.  

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