Friday, November 22, 2013

Greetings from the Caribbean

We have finally hit the Caribbean!  Starting out with Hamilton, Bermuda, to St. Lucia, all the beaches are beautiful and relaxing. My cast mates and I are taking full advantage of the sun and sea daily.  My dear friend, Evan, and I enjoying a day at the beach in Bermuda. 

The water was  bit cold, but I couldn't resist.  I must admit that I love my life ! :)

Oh, yes, and my favorite part of the job -- singing.  Here are a few pics from our deck show which is just fun disco music.  Great food on the deck and then a fun night of singing with my fellow cast mates who are great.  I cannot complain about my life.

Here is a shot from our Broadway show. My "Fondly" dress came in handy.  

Next week a few of us onboard plan to have a few excursions in St. Lucia and Dominica so I should be posting great pics of those islands.

While I am fully enjoying myself here, I have started working on my next show -- "Keep on the Sunny Side" which will be performed at the Legacy Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia, in January through February.  

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Soozi said...

Hey Sweetie,

Tried to get a hold of you today and have emailed too. We've all been so worried and haven't received any information. Just sending you oodles of love and HEALING ENERGY! xoxoxo Soozi and the gang

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