Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Last week in Georgia

The "Keep on the Sunny Side" run is coming to a close.  This coming weekend is our last weekend of shows.  I must say that I am a bit sad because I have fully enjoyed the show, the music, and the cast. Admittedly, I also know much more about the Carter family now than I did during the whole duration of my time in Nashville.  Below are some photos of memories I have made here.  

My friend Tara (Maybelle Carter) and I (Sara Carter) hangin' out backstage.  

The "Keep on the Sunny Side" cast in serious 1930's photo mode.

The "Keep on the Sunny Side" cast in true mode, along with our amazing director, Thomas Ward.  

Tara and I at a radio interview.  We did a Maybelle and Sara favorite -- Wildwood Flower.

The female Carters -- Janette, Maybelle, & Sara (AKA) Sims, Tara, and I.  Such an enjoyable group of ladies and interesting dressing room chats. 
During this run I was surprised to see such supportive friends.  My dear friends Shari & Red made the drive down all the way from Nashville -- AND ON Super Bowl weekend.  That is some real love. :) 

My parents came down last weekend to see the show from WV and brought some dear family -- my mom's cousin Jane and her husband Jerry. It was such fun to be with all of them together, and the conversation was quite lively.  Sold out shows and quality family time made for a wonderful weekend.
Since this is my fourth time to work at the Legacy Theatre, I have some dear, dear friends in this area.  One particular friend and I have been able to schedule a "friend date" every week.  Becky and I have been friends since 2007, and we have regular phone chats, but this contract has been nice because we have substituted the phone chats for face to face chats.  Here we are at my birthday lunch she took me to. Raspberry Cheesecake and a good friend -- does it get any better?

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