Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Keeping on the Sunny Side

Due to a foot injury I experienced in November, my travels and career were put on hold for a few months, as well as my blogging.  In 2013, I booked a show for the next year called "Keep on the Sunny Side" which tells the story of the original Carter family.  After my recent accident, the chances of keeping that contract did not look hopeful, but fortunately my doctors, family, and the theatre all worked with my situation in order for me to heal as speedily and healthily as possible in order to work again. Thanks to some wonderful national and international doctors, I am now recovering quite well and am able to continue being on stage.

 Currently, I am performing in "Keep on the Sunny Side" at the Legacy Theatre in Tyrone, Georgia.  The show runs through February 16.  The cast is wonderful to work with on and offstage, and if our opening weekend packed houses are an indicator of the rest of the run then I encourage anyone in the Atlanta vicinity to come check it out.   The show is a combination of acting and live music at it's best.  Here is a preview...

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