Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Exploring Juneau & Skagway, Alaska

After taking a few weeks to get re-acclimated to ship life and show schedules, I was finally able to get out and explore a bit of Alaska.  From the scenery I have viewed so far, I must say that it was a great addition to the USA.  Our ship will be sailing to Alaskan ports through September, and I am so glad to have time to explore this picturesque state.  

Pictured below was my first time out in Skagway.  What a beautiful setting for our ship to port.  It was a warm day so I decided to take a walk and find a nice writing spot.  

...and this is what I found.  A small brook surrounded by trees and green.  I had no clue Alaska was so green! A new song is in the works, and this setting was my inspiration for it.

Juneau, Alaska

In Juneau, there is a cable car leading up to Mt. Roberts where there are some nice hiking trails.  The first time there, I was with my cast, and we did not wear proper shoes so when we met snow, our hike ended.  My second time up the cable car, I was prepared with waterproof hiking boots.  The hike started out fairly warm and dry.
But eventually we met the snow.  I must admit at first I was a bit tentative...

The hike was uphill the entire time, but the views were well worth the sweat!

        Skagway, Alaska
I spent the day yesterday on a train and dog mushing tour.  The train began in Skagway and traveled to British Columbia.  The views were breathtaking.  

Next we headed to a dog mushing training camp.  When we first arrived, the dogs were so excited and began barking.  I must admit that some of my childhood fear of dogs re-emerged.  Luckily, the group I was with were all dog lovers so they helped calm me. :)  We got in the sled...

... and then got ready to take off.  Here is a view from my seat. 

It was a neat experience to see the dogs pull us and realize that this was a summer camp compared to the real racing they do in the winter.  I even warmed up to our team of dogs.  Here I am with the leaders GQ and Amigo. 

 A view of Skagway from the Dyea lookout point.  

So far Alaska has been a true delight to my eyes. I look forward to what the coming weeks will bring to  see and do in this great state. 

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