Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Victoria, BC, & Harbour Mountain Trail, Sitka, Alaska

Besides the fact that I thoroughly enjoy my job, my colleagues, and my surroundings, another benefit of being at sea is that we sail to Victoria, BC, where my best friend lives.  She and I met on ships in 2004 and have been friends ever since.  A little over a week ago we docked at Victoria’s port, and I was able to spend the entire day with Tara.  What a wonderful job perk!  It was a great day with a dear friend.  My only wish was I wish I could see her more often. 

While in Victoria we visited a theatre friend of Tara's. She and I immediately hit it off, plus her backyard is the beach.  Her view isn’t bad :)

The sun finally came out on Saturday in Sitka, Alaska, so Krystle, my fellow cast mate, and I decided to get a good workout.  We set out for the Harbour Mountain Trail – a seven-mile hike up and down with spectacular views.  I must say that the bloggers did not lie.  The views were unbeatable.  The photos don’t do justice to what our eyes drank in.  

Krystle was ready to go.  She had a little Beyonce playing to scare away the bears.

 Here I am enjoying the scenery WITH BEAR MACE IN HAND – just in case.

 There were beautiful flowers along the trail.  Below are the rocks we had to hike through.  I was hoping there was no boiling mud ....

Views, views, and more views........

We made it to the top!  So glad to be there.  Snack time! 

A few more of the picturesque scenes we saw while hiking back to town. 

After four hours with steep ascents we felt we deserved the night off from the gym…. and a nap.

Hope you enjoy the photos from Victoria and Sitka.   More to come…

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