Friday, June 27, 2014

Glaciers & more glaciers

Obviously, part of the appeal of Alaska is the snow and ice.  This week I was able to see more of Alaska's glaciers.  I find it highly amusing that back at home everyone is hitting the pool while I am rafting around glaciers.  Above is a photo of the Mendenhall Glacier from the rafting trip I took in Juneau.  Last week I biked here so the rafting allowed me different views of the same glacier. 

The rapids were certainly not the New River or the Gauley River, but the backdrop could not be beat.  

This is one of the calmer tours I have taken.  It is not for the thrill seekers, but it was relaxing with a tinge of adventure when hitting the small rapids. Despite the drizzling rain, rafting in Alaska is a definite recommendation I would make.  

Two days ago we cruised through Tracey Arm fjord to view the Sawyer Glacier.  I believe this day fulfilled my dreams of what I imagined Alaskan cruising to be.  Here is the view as we were approaching Sawyer Glacier.

 And here is the view as we sailed closer  

The dotting of ice along the water was magnificent to me.  There was every shape, size, & color possible of ice.

And much to my surprise and enjoyment when I looked closer here is what I frequently saw occupying the ice.  These seals were so cute and amazing to watch swim and play in the water.  

Hope you enjoy the photos! 

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