Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I have read that one of the best cures for the uninspired is travel.  Alaska's unparalleled beauty is enough to inspire even the dullest soul. Fate must be on our side because sunshine has visited Alaska a good bit in the past two weeks. Below is a view from a boat dock that I used as my writing room last week in Sitka.  Inspiration was the host of this setting. 

We passed the Hubbard Glacier last week on a perfectly sunny day.  Wanting to make the best use of my time, I used this as my vocal practice room.  I have a sneaking suspicion I am getting spoiled :)  

Yesterday the sun was out in Skagway! I took an AM bicycle tour of the Tongass National Forest in Dyea.  From the forest to the beach in less than three hours time! 

 When I arrived back to the ship, my cast mate & adventure buddy, Krystle, wanted to go out so we biked to a Skagway waterfall called Lower Dewey Falls.  It is a hidden treasure on the edge of town.  

 And here is the sail away view from Skagway. When it comes to beauty, I am not sure Alaska can be beat with variety of what can be seen here.

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