Saturday, August 23, 2014

Side Projects

After a month of having no computer, I am now happy to own a new MacBook Air!  Connection w/ the outside world is again possible.  Recently I picked up a short read entitled Steal Like an Artist.
One of the things the author mentioned is how important it is for artists to have side projects because creativity requires the "practice of productive procrastination".  Taking that advice and with the help of my fellow cast mates, I took up knitting.  It is a hobby that I have always been interested in learning so with their expertise, I embarked on my first knitting project.  Here is the scarf I just finished.  While basic, I felt so accomplished after finishing it.  The process was also a good reminder of how much time and re-working any project requires in order to be done well.  I plan to keep knitting for enjoyment and also to feed my creative soul while reaping an extrinsic reward. 

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