Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sea Lions, Starfish, & Bears

In the past few weeks, I have gotten to see even more of Alaska -- some that surprised me & some expected.  In Sitka, I took a great kayaking tour.  On the boat ride there we had some sea lions show up and swim alongside our boat.  They were so cute; although, the boat driver said the local fisherman do not hold the same sentiments and see them as more meddlesome to their fishing.     

                      While kayaking, we went to a narrow inlet where salmon were spawning.  There were salmon jumping all around us.  I was hoping one would jump in my kayak so I could take it back :)  We also found two different types of starfish.  I felt like I was back in the Carribean. 

 Here is the view from my kayak.  What a perfect Alaskan day for kayaking!

One thing I have not seen "in the wild" yet is a bear.  For fear of missing a bear while in Alaska, I visited the Fortress of the Bear in Sitka.  It is a sort of refuge for bears that are not able to live in the wild for various reasons.

 At least they warn people.  Comforting...

They looked so cute from where I was standing.

I am still hoping to meet a bear in the wild, but these views were great because  I do not hope to meet a bear this close in the wild. 

And in Juneau, I visited Glacier Gardens.  The whole concept is the owner used trees that had been turned upside down by an avalanche to create a garden where the flowers were planted in the tree roots.  It was a really neat concept; although, I do think the price was a little steep for the small amount of gardens to be seen.  Here is a view from the top of the mountain.  Behind me is the airport.



Here is a view of the gardens in the tree roots.

And a view of the beautiful hanging flowers on the inside of the lobby. 

Hope you enoy the pics!

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